Short Term Care

what is short-term care?

Short-Term Care, Leave it with us

If you are in need of short term respite care near you, we can arrange a carer within a short period of time. Short term care consists of personal, social and domestic needs. Our caring team will help support your loved one with as well as independence.

The Care Agency provides full support to help your loved one gain more independence. We all know that being a full-time carer for your loved one can be stressful and hard at times. So when you need a break from caring, The Care Agency is here to help and fill in that roll; whether you decide to go on holiday to take a break.

How long is short term care

The Care Agency offer short term care of

days per week minimum

Why choose us?

We will match the client with the perfect carer. We will take down the clients needs and find the perfect match. This is important as having the perfect match will mean better quality of care and it will put your mind at rest as your loved one will be in safe hands.


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