what we do

We make everything easier for you

We place great importance on delivering the best service, every step of the way. From start to
end, we are to help. Our professional and highly skilled team evaluates all potential carers
and matching it with your needs.

However, it doesn’t end there, we look at your interests and
build a profile for the carer so that you can have peace of mind that the carer you select is the
best for you. Providing outstanding, friendly carers remains at the heart of The Care Agency.


Go along with The Care Agency


If you need short-term care, then The Care Agency is the one for you, we will tailor carers for your needs.


At the care agency we believe having a good quality of life is important. especially in the last stages of life. We offer a continuity of care for our clients to improve quality of life.


If you are the main carer for your loved one and need some type of relief, then The Care Agency can help you with this. We will tailor carers to your loved ones needs to help relief any tension you have from caring for them.


At The Care Agency, we already know having close bonds is important and we would like to promote elderly couples with in-dependency.

Adhoc Care (Relief Care)

If you need someone to take care of your loved one while you need to make a business trip or go on holiday. You can trust us to arrange a carer in a short period of time.