Respite Care

what is respite care?

Respite Care, Leave it with us

If you are the main carer for your loved one and need some rest from doing full-time care you can trust us to provide that sense care. We will provide you that relief. 

Being the main carer for your loved one can be very tiring and you need a rest now and then. The Care Agency can find a carer in a short period of time to provide the care your loved one needs while you take a break from all the caring you have done for them.

How long is Respite care

The Care Agency offer Respite care 

hours per day for a week

Why choose us?

We can arrange a carer as soon as possible if needed for ongoing care. At The Care Agency we take pride in what we do. Delivering the best care possible for your loved one. We are not like any other care agency as what makes us unique is that we give that personal touch.  

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Planning Respite Care

We carefully plan out respite care, we know getting the correct carer is key for your loved one

client canvas

First we will take in a couple of details on how you would want the care to proceed and the clients preferences.


match carer

We will then take the data from the client canvas then find the perfect carer for the client.



deliver carer

Once we have found the carer, the carer will come on the scheduled date where you want the care to start


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