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We believe that caring is the soul purpose for anyone joining us.

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Offering the maximum support to our clients is what we do best, In order for you to become part of the family, we require 100% support from you.

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Its all about delivering the best care possible to our clients. Satisfying the needs of our service users is one of the main aspects of The Care Agency.

Typical Day As A Carer

The Care Agency Carer

“My day usually starts at 7 am, I go downstairs and open all the curtains and a few windows just like Mrs Jones likes, I then get the newspaper which gets delivered every morning. I always place the paper on the table ready for Mrs Jones to read with breakfast. 

Breakfast is Mrs Jones’ favourite meal, so I prepare her pancakes, with fresh mixed fruit and a glass of cranberry juice just how she likes it. Sometimes I even cook her an occasional fry up when the mood takes her.


When breakfast is almost ready, it’s time to wake Mrs Jones and open the curtains in her
room, so she can enjoy the refreshing feeling of sunlight.  I arrange Mrs Jones’ clothes for the
day and ready all her items in the bathroom. Whilst she is getting ready in the bathroom, I am
nearby to ensure she is safe and if she wants, to have a little chat.

When she is ready, I help Mrs Jones downstairs to eat her breakfast while I give the room a quick tidy. After breakfast, Mrs jones likes to relax in her arm chair and reads the newspaper. While I’m off upstairs to tidy Mrs Jones’ Room, setting the bed and tidying the bed side cabinet.

After finishing the cleaning, I put the TV on for Mrs Jones and ask her if she needs anything doing, for example making appointments or undertaking the weekly shopping. Then we plan what she would like for lunch.

I make sure Mrs Jones dinner request is prepared and served at 6pm just in time to watch the news.  At 9pm I help Mrs Jones upstairs, help her get undressed, washed and into bed, before going back downstairs and making sure the house is secure. I am always on hand if Mrs Jones needs anything else throughout the night.

Each evening before bed, I make a quick note of how things have gone that day and what has happened, so everyone is aware of how the day has gone for the both of us, and then it’s off to bed for the night.”

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