• Reviews from clients

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Caroline P

      We are finding the service very helpful for my elderly mother, who does not have dementia but does have severe mobility issues. The two carers who are alternating in looking after her are both kind, practical and hard-working and we now could not manage without them. This service is allowing her to remain at home which, without it, would no longer be possible.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Gill A

      Very good service from the moment of contact, to when my mother had to go into a home as her needs were too much for home care. My mother stated what she wanted in a carer and these requirements, (including someone with a sense of humour!) were all met. Suitable ladies came for 2week blocks and took care of my mother in a friendly and caring way. When her care needs got more demanding, the extra assistance was carried out professionally and took on a more formal recorded nature as the carers had to help with her medication, whereas previously my mother had self-medicated. When one had to leave due to her own mother’s passing, the agency had a replacement with us the next day. My sister and I live locally so we were popping in a lot and never had cause to worry. Very pleased to recommend this agency!

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Harold T

      The Care Agency have provided carers for my wife, who suffers from Picks Disease (a form of alzheimer’s) for the last 10 years. All the carers have been excellent, capable, caring and efficient. And all have quickly become part of the family. I have the very highest regard for the service I have received from the agency and would recommend them very highly

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Jos W

      We asked the Care Agency to provide live in care when the previous agency failed. Since then my father who suffered a stroke has had a number of live in carers to support him. They have nearly all been marvellous and looked after him extremely well which is so important as I the only relative live a long way away. His favourite carers provide companionship, humour, good home cooking and take him out on a regular basis. The staff in the office understand his needs and personality and I have a good relationship with them which is also vital. Thank you

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Julie W

      The advice support and assistance provided by The Care Agency was much needed when we were struggling to continue to give the level of care needed to be able to keep our Dad in his own home, they processed all the information and provided us with support at the very earliest opportunity allowing Dad to come home from hospital. The care providers to date have been exemplary, all very kind, caring and treat Dad in exactly the way we would wish him to be treated maintaining his pride and dignity.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Lesley N

      Wonderful agency. Have been using this agency for in excess of 13 years. Found the staff to be helpful, understanding and delightful. They do a thorough job of vetting all carers. Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this organisation to anyone who needs to arrange live in care.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Lizzie M

      My mother was provided with a lovely lady who looked after her extremely well after her surgery. The house was spotless and she complimented the care that my mother already has in place. My mother was given delicious, healthy food each day, too.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Lorraine

      We wanted someone to come in and have a coffee and a chat for an hour a day whilst we were away as my mum is a little forgetful and anxious at times. The carer was a lovely lady who was very caring and flexible and did “just the job” for us.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Lynette B

      The Agency always endeavour to provide carers who match our required preferences. We have been extremely satisfied with the excellent level of compassion and support shown by care staff. Agency staff address any concerns promptly and sensitively and work hard to ensure the client’s satisfaction. Having used the agency for approximately five years, we would not hesitate to recommend them to others and look forward to a continuation of the high level of service received to date.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Martin B

      The Care Agency has never let us down in four years of providing care at home for my father.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Maureen B

      My Dad has a regular live-in carer, something that I didn’t think would be an option for him, but he readily accepted the situation and is very satisfied with the level of care provided. As a family, a live-in carer is great as we know Dad is being cared for and has company around the clock which is a relief as we all live quite a distance away. Having a live-in carer also means Dad is able to stay in his own home. The carer has exceeded all expectations in terms of caring, house keeping and having good old-fashioned common sense – I have no complaints at all.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Neil T

      I have used The Care Agency since 2003 to provide live-in carers. The standard of carers that they provide is variable, but the best carers have been excellent and I have continued to use them for several years. In the rare occasions where I have needed a carer at very short notice, they have always responded quickly and reliably.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Sally H

      I am very pleased with all the carers who have been sent to look after my elderly mother. She is increasingly frail and demanding, and looking after her physically and socially for twenty-four hours a day is a challenge. The administration staff are extremely supportive and efficient.

    • The Care Agency Lutterworth by Stephen

      The Care Agency has now been providing Carers for my parents for over 6 months, starting on an ad-hoc basis and then continuously, 24-7. We now have the same Carers attending on a rota and the arrangement works very well. The Carers are professional, compassionate and friendly. The manager of the Agency visited us and has been closely involved in establishing appropriate arrangements for the care required. The service allows our parents to continue living at home and takes away the day to day worries of caring from the rest of the family at a realistic cost relative to the alternative of residential care.