Why choose live-in care?

It may not be possible for a relative to provide round the clock care for an elderly person. Others may themselves be physically unable to look after the growing needs of their spouse or parent. Live-in care is an affordable alternative to residential care that allows for one-to-one attention from the carer, which is simply impossible to achieve in a multi-resident care facility.

Your home is your security, whereby you can appreciate living with familiarity. Transferring to a residential home at such a sensitive time in your life can be associated with disorder and disruption, due to the changes that can be deeply troublesome to adapt to. Therefore, care in your own home will help you stay in control over your life for longer, as opposed to feeling reliant on others within a residential home.

Live-in care allows you to continue in this recognisable environment, where even a simple action like directing your way around your home can make all the difference. Remaining in your home is truly invaluable, not only does it preserve your independence whilst ameliorating your health and well-being, but you are also consoled by your personal assets and treasured reminiscences.

Live-in care combines the best elements from domiciliary care and residential care, enabling our clients to have a sufficient one-to-one care that is not obtainable in a residential home. It is guaranteed that you will be the Companions one and only priority, with adequate time to exhibit the quality of care required.

Everyone will reach a stage in life, at which they can no longer manage to live at home and carry out day-to-day challenges, particularly if alone. Therefore, a righteous Companion from The Care Agency can facilitate these challenges by enthusiastically executing them daily. Live-in care assures your privacy and empowers you to effortlessly continue seeing loved ones in a surrounding that is tranquil for not only you, but for those around you too.

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