Cookies and how we use them

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites to help make them work more efficiently and in some cases to provide information to the owners of the site.

To improve the accessibility of our website we have provided users with a text-size module. If you change this from the default setting then a cookie will be stored on your computer to maintain that preference as you browse through the rest of the site. This cookie will expire once you leave the site.


Cookie name Level Description
CMSCookieLevel System Specifies which cookies are allowed by the visitor.
ASP.NET_SessionId System Keeps the user session ID for security reasons.
CMSPreferredCulture Essential Stores the visitor’s preferred content culture.
CMSCsrfCookie Essential Store’s a security token that the system uses to validate all form data submitted via POST requests. Helps protect against Cross site request forgery.
CMSMobileRedirected Essential Indicates if the visitor has been redirected to the mobile version of the website by the Mobile device redirectionweb part.
CMSCurrentTheme Essential Stores the name of the current visual theme to provide proper design to the dialog windows.
Webauthtoken Essential Live ID authentication cookie.
CMSForumPostAnswer Essential Keeps a list of Question-Answer forum posts in which the user user voted for an answer to prevent repeated votes.
CMSVotedPolls Essential Keeps a list of polls where the user voted to prevent repeated votes.
CMSRatedDocuments Essential Keeps a list of pages that the user rated to prevent repeated votes.
CMSShowDesktopVersion Essential Indicates that the visitor has switched to the desktop (default) version of the website from a specific device profile.
.ASPXFORMSAUTH Essential Stores the user’s encrypted authentication ticket when using forms authentication.
FormState Editor Form state flag to allow restoration of failed requests.
CMSPreferredUICulture Editor Stores the preferred UI culture of the user.
CMSViewMode Editor Stores the user’s current view mode (Edit, Preview, Design, etc.).
CMSUserWords Editor User’s custom word dictionary kept by the spell checker.
DisplayContentInDesignMode Editor Remembers the user’s setting of the Web part content checkbox on the Design tab (for example in the Pages application).
DisplayContentInUIElementDesignMode Editor Remembers the user’s setting of the Web part content check box on the Design tab of UI elements.
CMSMacroDesignerTab Editor Remembers the last active tab of the Edit macro condition dialog.
CMSSplitMode Editor Remembers the state of the language version split-view mode when editing multilingual websites.
CMSPreviewState Editor Stores the user’s latest page design preview preferences.
CMSPropertyTab Editor Remembers the last active tab of the Properties section in the Pages application.
CMSViewTab Editor Remembers the last active tab of the View section in the Preview mode of the Pages application.
CMSValidationTab Editor Remembers the last active tab of the Validation section in the Preview mode of the Pages application.
CMSEdVariantSliderPositions<templateid> Editor Remembers the position of the variant slider when defining variants for MVT or Content personalization.
CMSWebPartToolbarCategory Editor Stores the selected web part category on the web part toolbar.
CMSWebPartToolbarMinimized Editor Remembers if the user minimized the web part toolbar on the Design tab.
CMSCurrentDeviceProfileName Editor Stores the selected device profile when editing pages.
CMSCurrentDeviceProfileRotate Editor Remembers whether the device preview uses the landscape or portrait view.
CMSUniGraph Editor Stores the user’s Snap to grid preference in the advanced workflow and marketing automation designer.
CMSSessionToken Editor Stores the token used by the web service that provides the advanced workflow and marketing automationdesigner.
ABSelectorState<ABtestname> Editor Stores the state of the selectors on AB test overview page.
VisitorStatus Visitor Indicates if the visitor is new or returning. Used for tracking the visitors statistic in Web analytics.
Source Visitor Stores the channel which the user came from (e.g., email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Campaign Visitor Stores the web analytics Campaign assigned to the visitor.
TrackedCampaigns Visitor Stores all the web analytics Campaigns, which should be tracked within a JavaScript snippet.
UrlReferrer Visitor Stores the URL referrer from which the user arrives on the website.
CurrentContact Visitor Stores the GUID of the contact related to the current site visitor. Used to track activities on the website.
CMSAB<ABtestname> Visitor Used to track conversions for the test and maintain consistent page content for the visitor.Stores the name of the page variant assigned to the visitor, the list of performed conversions and information whether visitor is included in A/B testing specified by an A/B test.
CMSMVT<mvtestname> Visitor Stores the combination of variants assigned to the visitor by an MVT test. Used to track conversions for the test and maintain consistent page content for the visitor.
CMSNoTestMVT<templateid> Visitor Stores the currently selected MVT combination for editors in the administration interface.
CMSShoppingCart Visitor Stores a reference to the user’s active shopping cart.
CMSBodyClass Visitor Body element class to provide accessibility standards.
CMSEd<GUID>Current Visitor Stores the current step of Wizard layout web parts.
ChatLoggedInToken Visitor Stores the login state for the Chat application (indicates if the user is in the online state).
ChatSupportLoggedInToken Visitor Indicates if the user is logged in to the support chat.
<Window name>_<Group ID>_roomID Visitor Stores bindings between groups of chat web parts and chat rooms (for a specific window or tab).
chat_autoinitchat_displayed_<GUID> Visitor Remembers if the Automatically initiated chat web part was shown to the user (prevents multiple chat initiation messages).
chat_kick_roomid_<room ID> Visitor Indicates that the user was kicked from the specified chat room (and is not allowed to return).
StrandsSBS_* Visitor Used by the Strands Recommender solely for its own purposes. The cookies are managed on the Strands side.
CMSStrandsTrackEvent_* Visitor Stores persistent HTTP context after a page is reloaded. Used for tracking of shopping cart events.
__openid_selector_* Visitor Stores OpenId user identification for authentication purposes.
cookiebanner Visitor Hides cookie policy panel when accepted